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Low carbon city with Solar PV Flower which is the clean energy generation equipment
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It's also a reform of new energy generation equipment

Integration into the city, into the street, into thousands of households

Solar PV Flower

Solar PV Flower overall volume is small, no need to occupy more sites, 

the base is fixed with screws suitable for parks, city roads, corporate parks, square leisure communities, private courtyards ......

Bi-axis Automatic Solar Tracking System, the system calculates the azimuth and altitude of the sun in real time, 

based on the current latitude, longitude and time. When the error between the two is more than 1°, 

the motor will be issued to run the equipment to track the sun in real time.

Traditional photovoltaic power plants are mainly installed on the ground and the roof, 

the form of photovoltaic panels + brackets can achieve a large area of installation, 

but lack of aesthetics, not suitable for installation in urban environments

The Solar PV Flower makes the photovoltaic panel into a flower shape, 

which is more beautiful. The base bracket is made of steel structure, 

coated with fluorocarbon paint, smooth, waterproof and anti-corrosion, 

which is aesthetically pleasing and will not destroy the overall aesthetics of the environment

Night Lighting of Solar PV Power

The 1200W standard product can generate 4-5 degrees of electricity per day, 

which can not only meet the power consumption of the equipment itself, but also provide power for peripheral equipment.


Basic System

1.Solar Components

Converting light energy to DC

Charging the battery by the integrated machine

Reversing AC directly to power loads

2.National Grid or Generators

Accessed at the AC input, it can supply power and 

charge the battery at the same time. The system 

can also operate normally if it’s not connected to 

the National Grid or generators, and now the load

is powered by the battery and Solar PV module.

3.Storage Battery

Ensuring the normal power of system load when it's off-grid or the solar energy is insufficient

4.Domestic Loads

Accessing to a variety of household and office loads including refrigerators, lamps, televisions, fans,

air conditioners and other AC loads.

5.Solar Inverter

A component in the solar panel system which changes the DC electricity captured by the solar panels to AC

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